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Social Impact


Childhood. It should be a sweet, beautiful time in one’s life. For millions of children, though, it’s anything but. Hundreds of thousands of kids are victims of human trafficking every single year, and the number is on the rise.

We all have a social responsibility to change the world for good, and while there are so many ways to do that personally and corporately, here at Rya Bella – where we are committed to positively impacting the women of tomorrow, the little girls of today – we want to be involved in protecting children from this horrific experience.

Therefore, we’ve partnered with a children’s center in Moldova (Europe’s poorest country) that works in child trafficking prevention. With over half the workforce having left Moldova in search of better jobs, children who are left behind and staying with neighbors, grandparents, or living on their own while parents work abroad are especially vulnerable to being trafficked. The center offers education, safety, and community for these kids.

Now, 10% of the proceeds of every sale on Rya Bella goes to this center in Moldova. It’s a small speck in the overwhelming problem of human trafficking, but together, we can make a difference.

We dream of positively impacting the lives of girls around the world. Whether with pretty clothes that instill confidence and promote modesty, or funding trafficking prevention education – we are for the gigglers, the twirlers, and the dreamers – we are for protecting the innocence of little girls everywhere.