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A confident girl is a beautiful girl.

A confident girl is a beautiful girl.

Posted by Ann Goering - Christian Fiction Author, CEO of Rya Bella, wife to Chris, mom to three sweet girls. on May 14th 2018

Instilling confidence is a passion of ours here at Rya Bella.

Confidence changes everything. Confidence changes how a person feels about themselves, others, and the world around them. Oftentimes, confidence even changes the outward appearance -- confidence shines out, stands a little straighter, and lights up the eyes.

Confidence and arrogance are very different traits, and while arrogance is so not our favorite, confidence definitely is. Arrogance finds its basis in being better than someone else, while confidence is founded in refusing to compare. This is true regardless of age or gender, and can last a lifetime. We're committed to helping little girls find this confidence early on, knowing this one character trait can positively impact their entire lives.

When a little girl stops trying to be everyone else's version of beautiful and embraces her own kind of beautiful, it's a magical thing. When she stops comparing herself to those around her and is simply focusing on being her best self, that's when she finds a strength all her own. And when a little girl knows who she is, what she's about, and is happy running her own race, she grows into a woman who can change the world! 

So, here's to all the future world-changers, those confident little girls who learn to look people in the eye, dance as if nobody is watching, and cheer the loudest for all those around them.